Shuffling Feet.

Tinder- you’ve probably heard it. And you’d be surprised how much people your age are on it. By May of the end of this year- you’ll see a bunch of other mobile dating apps come up and do successfully too.

Why Tinder is great: 

1. Because we’re too young to get on and we still are at that age where, quite frankly, we CAN still be superficial. (not advocating superficiality but hey you can’t deny that looks don’t attract the person)

2. It’s safe, easy, and kindof almost a copout. Honestly, I have way more access to tons of men then I would at a bar when I’m with my girls.  

3. It’s really like online shopping- but for people. So whenever I’m feeling spiteful, resentful towards an ex, I go on tinder and get a “match!” to be all like “See! Guys do like me!”

 OkCupid published a study saying that women will be bombarded with requests from men. Really- girls have the upperhand in this because we are the ones that agree to seeing them, agree to texting them. They encourage girls to message guys first because we end up getting our choices far quicker and better that way.

Why Tinder SUCKS:

I have sworn off, deleted tinder, and cursed at it, I believe, like over 3 times now. Because really- out of over 200 matches, I’ve met up with 2 guys. 2. What’s surprising is that- I always, nearly always hit them up first. I always approach them with a “Hey! :)” and I try to see where it goes. I did that to almost all my matches to see how many responses I would get…and not a lot reply back. I’d like to think that I’m a decently attractive girl, with ambition, and a lot of interesting things to say.

1. You’d think that you’d match with a girl you were supposed to find attractive (HELLO MOVES THE MIDDLE MAN OF SEEING IF YOU’RE BOTH INTO EACH OTHER) that they’d be interested in responding. at least just responding. 

2. I’ve met up with 2 guys. 1 guy I liked and but politely told me he didn’t see it going anywhere. That kind of sucked. But he shouldn’t have taken me somewhere formal and make it fancy. And maybe he shouldn’t have gotten 2 glasses of wine, talk with me for 3 hours over dinner, and walk me to my car. Getting my hopes up and shit.

Lesson A: go somewhere casual. 

3. The other guy I’ve met up with was someone I wasn’t interested in. But I learned a lot of things.

Lesson B: You CAN have fun if both of you try. It doesn’t have to go anywhere, but try to have a conversation. We are capable of having those. And you’d be surprised how easy it is. and natural it is. 

Lesson C: In the end, you might not be attracted to them at all. Pictures are decieving. 

4. That when you DO text someone you do like and that it DOESN’T GO ANYWHERE… .IS THE MOST FRUSTRATING THING ON EARTH. Why, why would you just simply have meaningless TEXTS with someone? Ask me out gotdamn it!! Maybe I should make it more clear: Hey. I’d rather meet in person- than message.

What’s interesting is that I’ve definitely taken an active approach on Tinder. Really that’s the only way you can get a lot of stuff out of it. But my pro-activeness hasn’t proven to be very successful.. hence why I haven’t gone out on many dates from it. But really, I just have to keep trying. It can be exciting but It can be a let down when you’ve put yourself out there a lot of times. You just have to keep swimming along because that’s one of the perks of tinder- rejection isn’t as painful on there because there is no way in hell it could ever have been personal. 

They should really conduct a survey on how many people have actually met up from tinder.

What it comes down to is the stigma from it. I’d still get wierd out when i see one of my guy friends on there… but for someone who isn’t a serial dater, nor an extroverted flirt, and one who hasn’t dated a lot of people in general… we just got to get over it. This is our age- our age when we have our phones on us 24/7, where we are behind a computer screen nearly 2/3rds of our day… And we have to see it as an opportunity to meet new people. No one can deny how hard it is making friends in our early twenties. Why deny something- when it increases the chances and timing of relationships so much more. In life, we just don’t get a lot of chances in general. 

The number one lesson from my tinder experience is that this is not a boyfriend matching app. This is just an easier way of meeting people that can actually turn into dates. So come on, if I message you- at least you could ask me out to grab some beers or something. 

Jan 25
Modern Dating: Why I love/hate Tinder

Well maybe not. Technically not. 
The American Dream is defined as the set of ideals in which freedom includes the opportunity for prosperity and success, and an upward social mobility achieved through hard work. 

And that’s what I’ve been seeing in in the past decade. The growth of start ups. San Francisco alone has 2000 start ups- and with the idea of more people investing their money towards a great idea and seeing it COME ALIVE. Where you put your blood, sweat, and tears into your work,have the chance to see it grow and come together, and to CONTINUE GROWING. Nothing can be more rewarding. And what’s great is that we’re seeing a lot of starts ups grow everywhere. That’s where the money making, disruptive, game changing things are happening.  

Producing ideas, to start possibly a company from rags to riches, and you can succeed,to move up and be respected, for YOU to call the shots. 
This start up culture may not be exactly like the American Dream , but I feel like it is the extended metaphor of it.

but isn’t that what the american dream is all about? chase your dreams, work hard in what you believe in, and having the chance for it to come through? I think the chances are greater for you to succeed now. It leaves hopes, dreams, and ideas  for the rest of us that “Hey, I want that. and I can do it too.”

Here’s to more to producing things, than consuming them- and reviving what we believed was the failed American Dream. 

Jun 29
Is the start up world the resurgencey of the modern “American Dream?”

My thoughts, ideas, journals, are EVERYWHERE. I have countless of notebooks, journals, little books to record anything that I want to write down. Even though there is no order to these scribbles- I feel the need to write them down for these thoughts to be solidified and add a little cohesion and order to all the chaos.

There have been defining things that shaped my life this year. This was a good year for me- and I’ve done things all this year that I wouldn’t have imagined doing. AT ALL. 
And see they’ve produced changes. They have- they aren’t dramatic, or a slap you in the face moment, but they were gradual, powerful, and slow.  I didn’t even realize some of these. 

1. Traveling to India for a month.
One change I didn’t realize was that I don’t shop anymore. Ever since I came back from India, I stopped. I can’t explain it. There’s not even a particular reason behind it  (I wish I had a more valid reason like poor beggar children in India can’t even afford pens why should I go on shopping sprees). Well maybe that’s an underlying reason. But that type of materialism and my favorite HAREM PANTS I bought for 6 bucks changed my style. 
Also- it gave me a sense of adventure, intuition, and fearlessness. I think I’ve always had my fearlessness but it was really put to the test in India. It wasn’t the luxury of travel that bought me- it was the down, the dirty, the nitty gritty, “holy fuck” that exposed me to the great evil and kindness of the world. 

I’ve finally found a group of friends at the very last year of my college career! Yay me! I stress this so much, but these fun-loving, hardworking, and ambitious powerful team motivates and inspires me. We’re all travelers, world seekers, and we have a mission to do good. Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you, challenge you. 

3. TEDxUCSDxCoachellaCrew - Seeing Local Natives
THAT was a powerful time. Yes it sucked because we worked for half of it. and yes, we were in the FUCKING desert. and no- I wouldn’t do it again. I wouldn’t even really consider going to Coachella again. I felt that I was gone off the face of the earth for years.  But it was with my TEDx crew that I experienced this with. And the first time I took drugs that I was tweaking out for a week (Would I do it again? Sure, probably just not popping two pills within two hours). 

But it was the experience of hearing Local Natives play Who knows Who Cares and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs playing Maps. I’ve never cried at a concert (it might have been the drugs) but it was a moving experience that made me feel very… honest to myself. 

4. StayClassy.
I love this company. and I really hope it becomes fulltime hire once I come back from Portugal this summer. This is what I can do, I’m good at it. And I am compelled to go to work, learn more, and work towards social innovation.

It has opened me up to the  world. The start up world is amazing. It’s hard to say its like small insurgency and revival of a post modern “American Dream,” but people have these great ideas and are putting them to life- destroying record label companies and corporate worlds. I’m diggin it. 

I think my golden years are yet to come. But I’m pretty damn happy where I’ve come so far. 

Jun 29
I’m a scatterbrain
I want to make. What paint to use so its appropriate for this material? 
Mar 21

I want to make. What paint to use so its appropriate for this material? 

It’s an outlet. Maybe put it on some clothes. Have a wall. Maybe add to it. Keep adding to it. 
Mar 21

It’s an outlet. Maybe put it on some clothes. Have a wall. Maybe add to it. Keep adding to it. 

I miss making shit. Not just taking shit in, but making shit, crafting it, cutting it, and making something too mediocre because I was more intoxicated by the ideas of creating something rather than perfecting it. But whatever. 

Some DIY inspiration for clothes that I wanna attempt to make this spring break. I’m too cheap to buy cheap discounted clothes and I find myself too impatient to go shop for clothes I don’t wanna wear. image

Fo this, I need a plain white sweater, baroque print, pearls. And it inspired me to make, cut, create, and recreate. 

Mar 21
Do it yourself Inspiration

"Colombia- Local Natives The day after I had counted down all of your breaths down until There were none, were none, were none, were none; A hummingbird crashed right in front of me and I understood all you did for us. You gave, and gave, and gave, and gave. Ohhh, every night I ask myself Am I giving enough? Am I? If you never knew how much, If you never felt all of my love. I pray now you do, you do, you do, you do. Ohhh, every night I ask myself Am I loving enough? Am I? Patricia, every night I’ll ask myself Am I giving enough? Am I? Patricia, every night I’ll ask myself Am I loving enough? Am i?"

- These make some lyrical sense! See, not all Indie bands talk about rhinos and horchata!

Mar 18

"She was cursed with tremendous ability and infinite choices. Figuring out what to do with her life was constantly on her mind. But then she figured something else out: Her need to look brilliant was what was keeping her from truly answering The Question"

Mar 9
Don’t be taken by the brilliance of it.

"When you connect with people, they want to help you."

- The Art of Asking- Amanda Palmer

Mar 5